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          Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
          Coal Rotary Dryer1
          Coal Rotary Dryer2
          Coal Rotary Dryer3
          Coal Rotary Dryer

          CapicitySupport Customization

          Heat SourceSuitable for a variety of heat sources

          Applicationdrying all kinds of coal, lignite, carbocoal, including anthracite, lean coal, etc.

          Capicity: 200-2000(t/d)Cycle: 30-50(day)

            Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is the most professional, most authoritative enterprise in china,which is engaged in coal drying equipment research and development,which is the only Chinese coal slime drying industry set design, production, sales in the integration of science and technology enterprises. After nearly 20 years of rapid development,Dingli has gradually become the first brand of chinese drying equipment industry in China .Company based on the lignite, washed coalsuch high moisture content coal, with the carefully technical research and practice, developed the coal rotary drying drum system,After 20 years drying experience and constantly improvement in the equipment design, with its advanced technology, high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, security, environmental protection,the product are well received by users, more than 100 sets of coal drying equipment running in China and all over the world. This type of equipment can be used for drying all kinds of coal, lignite, carbocoal, including anthracite, lean coal and poor lean coal, lean coal, coking coal, fat coal, air fertilizer coal, gas coal, coal and weakly caking coal, not sticky coal, long flame coal, lignite, coal washing, screening, raw coal, bituminous coal,the tail coal, midding coa etc. Equipment can be made according to the customers' requirements.

          National Patent

          Low Operating Costs

          Strong Stability

          Mature Case

          Product Working Principle

            Coal drum dryer is mainly composed of hot blast stove, belt feeding machine, drum dryer, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, cyclone dust collector, bag filter (or wet dust collector) and operation control system.Equipment used downstream drying process, its working principle is as follows: wet material after entering drying drum divided into the following workaround: one is the feeding area, the coal into the area exchaged with high temperature and hot air quickly evaporate moisture, the material in large Angle of guide plate copy, to be imported under a workspace;2  The copy plate area, the coal in this area is copying by copy board forming curtain material, the material with good contact with hot air, the moisture in coal rapid evaporation become water vapor, water vapor was siphoned off by induced draft fan, so as to achieve the aim of coal drying;The moisture of coal in this area is less than 15% (or less) under state of loose, after heat exchange the materials achieves the required moisture state,and discharging out;Three is discharging area, do not set copy plate roller in the region, the material in this area scroll taxiing to the discharge port,then complete the whole drying process.

          coal rotary dryer

          Technical Parameters
          Model Capacity (t/d) Initial moisture(%) Final moisture(%) Power(kw) Area(m2)
          DLMG1615 200 30-60 17±5 100 8*25
          DLMG1916 300 30-60 17±5 120 8*26
          DLMG2218 500 30-60 17±5 160 10*35
          DLMG2520 700 30-60 17±5 200 10*40
          DLMG2820 1000 30-60 17±5 290 12*40
          DLMG3430 1500 30-60 17±5 420 15*46
          DLMG4032 2000 30-60 17±5 500 15*50
          Note: the capacity of equipment is directly related to the reduction of water content of coal. The proportion of precipitation is large, and the production capacity of equipment decreases correspondingly. Specific consulting Dingli company。
          Product Entry:
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