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          Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
          Single Drum Rotary Dryer1
          Single Drum Rotary Dryer2
          Single Drum Rotary Dryer3
          Single Drum Rotary Dryer

          CapicitySupport Customization

          Heat SourceSuitable for a variety of heat sources

          ApplicationWidely used for drying sawdust, wood chips, pasture, wood shavings, straw and other materials etc.

          Capicity: 20-320(t/d)Cycle: 30-50(day)

            Single drum rotary dryer as know as single cylinder dryer. It is used in food, feed, fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining industries. According to the different requirements about the dryer. We have a different heat source. For example, direct heating model hot blast stove, indirect hot blast stove, heat conduction oil, electric heating, steam, etc. This dryer is suitable for drying the material with the moisture of less than 65%.

          Single Drum Rotary Dryer

          National Patent

          Low Operating Costs

          Strong Stability

          Mature Case

          Product Working Principle

            Single drum rotary dryer mainly consists of heater, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, unloading feeder, cyclone, odor removal equipment and power distribution cabinet form; wet materials into drying machine, will be uniformly distributed in the drum in the copy board agitator, uniform dispersion and full contact with hot air furnace. Then the wet material will be fully dried.

          Single Drum Rotary Dryer Structure Diagram

          Technical Parameters
          Model Capacity(t/d) Evaporation(t/h) Initial Moisture (%) Final Moisture (%) Drying Temperature (℃) Total Power (kw) Plant Area (m²)
          DLGT1210 20-45 0.565 35-60% 12-15% 270±30℃ 28-33 5m×15m
          DLGT1412 25-65 0.792 34-40 5m×18m
          DLGT1615 40-90 1.130 45-60 6m×22m
          DLGT1918 50-12 1.61 51-75 7m×25m
          DLGT2218 70-220 2.20 35-65% 320±30℃ 60-90 8m×30m
          DLGT2523 90-320 3.25 95-125 10m×35m
          Product Entry:
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