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          Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
          HOME > NEWS > Large beer grain dryer picture and price

          Large beer grain dryer picture and price

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-07-31  

              How to further process beer lees? Beer lees contain certain nutrients, which can be reprocessed by drying. Zhengzhou Dingli has currently launched large-scale beer lees dryer equipment according to market demand, which can meet customers' daily lees processing needs. Today, I will share with you the pictures and prices of large beer lees dryers.

          beer grain dryer2.jpg

              The above is one of the large-scale brewer's grain drying projects built by Zhengzhou Dingli. This project is a high-quality brewer's grain drying project created by our company based on customer needs. Dingli beer lees drying equipment is high temperature hot air drying. The dehydrated lees enter the drum dryer and contact with high temperature hot air for drying. Dingli large-scale beer lees drying equipment can use steam, gas, coal, biomass and other heat sources to meet the needs of environmental assessment in various regions.

              What is the price of a large beer grain dryer? The equipment of Dingli Brewery Drying Line is customized according to different output, configuration and other support, and the price of the equipment is also different. For details,please consult online customer service.

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