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          Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
          HOME > NEWS > Brewer's spent grain screw dehydrator for sale

          Brewer's spent grain screw dehydrator for sale

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-07-04  

              Handling material: beer waste

              Raw material moisture: 85%

              Discharge moisture: 55%-60%

              User feedback: The brewery has high water content in the fresh distiller's grains. If it is directly dried, the equipment will have a large burden and high energy consumption. It needs to be pretreated with a screw extrusion dehydrator. The equipment has high dehydration efficiency, easy operation and low power consumption. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.

              Similar to the above-mentioned spiral extrusion dewatering machine on-site operation video, there are countless manufacturers in Zhengzhou Dingli. The user site is distributed in various regions at home and abroad. If you want to know the situation, you can make an appointment online at any time, and the sales manager will arrange for you. Visit the venue!

              If you are interested in buying a screw extrusion dewatering machine, please feel free to come to the factory to inspect and understand, you can directly bring the material to the factory for free test machine, the manufacturer will provide equipment customization service for free. At the same time, this month, you can enjoy the 10% discount on the purchase of equipment, so that you can buy the benefits and earn more profits in the later period.

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