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          HOME > NEWS > What are the price and operating costs of a large wood chip dryer?

          What are the price and operating costs of a large wood chip dryer?

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-06-30  

              Sawdust resources are the main source of high-quality pellet fuel. Many customers need to be equipped with Sawdust Dryer equipment in the production of biomass pellets. What are the price and operating costs of a complete sawdust dryer production line?


              Here we remind everyone that when making an inquiry, we must be targeted. First of all, we must know the profit target of our project, the investment scale budget, and provide detailed wood chip raw material test data when making an inquiry. The clear requirements and configuration list that Wood Chip Dryer manufacturers should put forward when quoting, to prevent some unscrupulous businesses from scratching the ball, which leads to the inquiry are not informative. For example, a wood chip dryer production line generally consists of a heat source, an inlet, and outlet device, a drying host, a dust removal system, an electrical control system, an air induction system, and a temperature control system. Prices vary widely, so investors must give clarity and ensure the effectiveness of the inquiry.

              Customers who need to invest in a wood chips dryer can contact Dingli to provide you with a scientific selection quote.

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