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          Maintenance of heat source for lignite dryer

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-03-04  

            For the lignite dryer, the reason why it can be widely used and promoted is mainly due to the convenience of starting and stopping, the high coal burnout rate, and the wide range of fuel applications. Nowadays, some drying equipment manufacturers on the market can change the angle of the furnace body at any time to make it difficult to form slagging, which can overcome the poor condition of the previously dried items. So how can the heat source of the lignite dryer be? What about better protection? We are here to share with you.

          lignite dryer

            a. We need to avoid frequent starting of the burner;

            b. In use, it is necessary to check whether there is burnout, wear and other conditions in various parts of the equipment, and construction can be performed only when there is no hidden danger of operation;

            c. When the new furnace is used for the first time, the temperature needs to rise slowly to the working temperature;

            d. When not in use for a long time, measures need to be taken to prevent moisture and rain;

            e. Slagging needs to be formed on the blasting slag when removing slag, and it should not be cleaned as far as possible without affecting the use. When cleaning is needed, pry up quickly. We need to forbid violent knocking with a hammer to avoid damage to the lower brick body;

            f. During long-term use, it is necessary to take measures against moisture and rain;

            g. The burner host needs a reliable ground wire;

            h. It is not a professional operator, it is not allowed to make changes without permission, replace the burner, and severely prohibit the random connection of power cords in the electric control cabinet.

            The above are some maintenance matters about lignite dryer. If you have other questions, please feel free to consult.

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