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          HOME > NEWS > What are the heat utilization forms of slime dryers?

          What are the heat utilization forms of slime dryers?

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-29  

            The slime dryer can effectively remove the moisture in the slime by heating at a high temperature, and decompose the coal in the slime. The dried slime can be processed into formed coal, fuel for power plants, bricks, cement additives, etc. Resources and improve the utilization rate of coal provide a strong guarantee. Zhengzhou Dingli has been engaged in the drying industry for fifteen years. According to the characteristics and uses of slime, it has developed a complete set of slime drying equipment to help the efficient treatment and comprehensive utilization of slime.

          coal slime dryer

            After the material enters the dryer, as the barrel rotates, the "rotary harrow crushing" device installed in the barrel quickly breaks the material into pieces and converts them into loose particles that are easy to dry. And under the action of the "guide material, lifting material" system, it is continuously thrown up to form a uniform material curtain, which fills the entire drying space, the contact area with hot air is greatly increased, and the drying efficiency is improved.

            Throughout the drying process, slime dryers rely on heat to complete the heat, which is generally generated by energy combustion. There are two forms of utilization of these heat:

            1. Direct use: The heat is exchanged through direct contact between high-temperature hot air and materials. The advantages of this method are high heat energy utilization and fast drying speed. Directly heated slime dryers have a continuous intake of hot air, so the exhaust gas that has been in direct contact with the materials needs to be discharged after special treatment.

            2. Indirect utilization: High-humidity hot air passes through the heat exchanger and is transmitted to a certain medium, which is circulated in a closed circuit without contact with the material. There is a certain heat loss in the indirect heating method.

            The appearance of coal slime dryer makes full use of coal resources, and also prevents the coal quality from causing a decline in coal quality, which is conducive to the long-term development of the energy structure. In today's sluggish coal situation, slime dryers are of great significance for the transformation and upgrading of coal enterprises.

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