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          HOME > NEWS > Why do wineries use lees dryer to make feed?

          Why do wineries use lees dryer to make feed?

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-28  

            Distiller's grains are residual substances produced during the production of beer in breweries. Due to the amazing output of distiller's grains, in order to solve the problem of large amounts of beer grains polluting the environment, distiller's grains can be processed into feeds. However, the high water content and high viscosity of distiller's grains have caused difficulties in processing. Therefore, many beer manufacturers and feed manufacturers have started to use lees dryers to solve this problem.

            The main working principle of beer lees dryer is: the wet beer lees are sent into the dryer drum, broken by the "rotary harrow crushing" device into pieces, and the beer is rotated by the barrel under the action of the copy board. The mess is constantly raised, and the raised material is in full contact with the hot air provided by the heating equipment, which speeds up the drying efficiency, and the finished product after drying is discharged from the discharge port. After drying the beer grains, it can be used to make high protein feed, which realizes the mechanization, industrialization and automation of beer grains drying. So what are the advantages of this device?

          beer lees dryer

            1. Three-cylinder structure, simple operation: The equipment adopts a three-sleeve nested structure. The special internal structure greatly improves the drying efficiency, and the operation and maintenance are very simple and convenient.

            2. Stable operation and long service life: The barrel of the beer lees dryer is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel. The internal structure and spare parts are well manufactured and the service life is long.

            3. High output and good drying effect: the daily output of a single device can reach 100 tons, the finished product is evenly dried and the color is good.

            4. Green environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction: Low heat energy loss during drying process, more energy saving, and matched with dust removal equipment, so that the exhaust gas meets the standard emission.

            Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of feed drying machines with more than 15 years of experience, we provide free technical support and solution customization. If you are going to buy a brewer's grain dryer, please contact us.

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