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          Advantages of organic manure dryer

          Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-02-27  

            Chicken manure, goose manure, cow manure, pig manure and other poultry and animal manure, when they are randomly discarded, pollute people's living environment, and after dehydration and drying treatment, they are nutrient-rich organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizer dryer dehydrates and dehydrates the poultry and animal manure with a relatively high moisture content. The dried product can be used as a culture medium to grow edible fungi, and it can also be used as fish, turtle, snail, chicken and duck feed, or the only organic fertilizer for green ecological crops, brings double economic and social benefits to people.

          organic manure dryer

            What are the advantages of organic manure dryer?

            1. The organic fertilizer dryer can directly dehydrate and dry organic fertilizers such as poultry manure with a moisture content of 60% -70% to 30% of the safe storage moisture at one time. The entire dehydration and drying process is performed in a closed system, which can reduce environmental pollution during organic fertilizer drying.

            2. The organic fertilizer dryer can quickly dehydrate and dry organic fertilizer materials with large moisture content and high viscosity, and adopt advanced technology to ensure that the dried and dehydrated organic fertilizer materials have good color, no paste, and no loss of nutrients. It has the characteristics of fast dehydration efficiency and good drying effect.

            3. The drying process of high-viscosity and high-humidity organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer dryer not only avoids the environmental pollution caused by the random disposal of organic fertilizer, but also enables the reuse of waste resources, bringing greater economic benefits to users and achieving the energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development of the economic growth mode.

            Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in the production and development of various dryer equipment, and has been well received by users at home and abroad. Welcome to visit our factory!

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