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          Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
          HOME > CASES > Coconut chaff drying site
          Coconut chaff drying site
          Date:2019-09-20     Views:372     Origin:Zhengzhou Dingli
          Coconut chaff drying site
          Coconut chaff
          Installation completed, already produced
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          Coconut chaff drying site

           The India is rich in coconut chaff. Now the Philippine coconut chaff drying production line project has been officially completed and delivered, and the output and product quality have reached high standards, customers are very satisfied with this.



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          Customer Praise

          Mr Zhang   

          It is very pleasant to cooperate with Dingli Company. From equipment selection and equipment installation, it is very responsible for the training of our employees. It solves the problem of difficult drying of slime and helps our company to create profits.

          Mr Gao   

          Dingli's equipment is of good quality and environmental protection, which can meet the needs of environmental protection. Dingli not only completes our specific production requirements but also perfects after-sales, and the problems can be solved in time.
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